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The Headshot. As an Actor or Performer it is above all the most important tool you have at your disposal. It’s the first impression and piece of information any casting director or agent will see. It's quality tells tells them how seriously you take your work.

Traditionally it was a black and white head and shoulders shot of you looking at camera cropped to a ratio of 10x8 to be printed in Spotlight.

Nowadays due to the switch to online digital portfolios, we have a much greater and more creative range of looks to play with. These include: varying the ratios, landscape shots and most importantly, colour! American markets tend to use landscape orientation a lot and more and more people have their own websites or marketing materials for which varying the look of your pictures is very useful.

Black and White is still around, theatre programmes for example and some agents still use it. So all your choices from your session with me are provided in both black and white and colour.

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