Bring about 8-10 different tops if you can, to give us plenty to work with.

Consider your neckline. A mix of V and Non-V necks are always good.

Bring a polo neck if you like, but make sure to bring alternatives.

Formal clothes like a suit are an option, good for corporate characters. Bear in mind they will make you look slightly older.

Plain white tops don't work for everyone, by all means bring it and we can see what we can do.

Do your best not to store your clothes scrumpled in the bottom of a bag until the moment you wear them.


Don't have a brand new style, or even a trim the night before. Allow at least two weeks for a new look settle in.  

If you want to shoot more that one hair style, arrive with your first style already done. Also make sure your second style isn't one that takes an hour to achieve.

Serum is not a bad idea if you have it, I can sort out the odd stray hair in post production, but masses of crows nest will have to stay. 


For standard headshots light and natural makeup is the way forward, for both girls and boys.

Arrive with your natural look already done to save time.

Whatever you do don't arrive with your face and neck different colours due to foundation or fake tan.

If you have more than one look you'd like to capture, arrive with the lightest most natural one done first, then we'll build up. 


Getting your headshots done is work, but it should be fun work where you and I create something together.

We are in this together the most important thing is to arrive energised but relaxed. Remember, I work for you.

Photography is digital these days so it's not like I'll run out of film. 

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Really great relaxing shoot, got exactly what I wanted.
- Ben Adams

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